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The Importance of Workplace Housekeeping (WH001)

If someone asked you to think of a risky job, you’d probably say something like fixing electricity towers, or piloting jets. With jobs like those, the risks are obvious. But in actual fact, any workplace can turn into a hazardous danger zone if it’s not kept clean, tidy, and well maintained.

Good housekeeping practices are a vital part of keeping every workplace safe from everyday hazards. But what is housekeeping? And what sort of accidents could be caused by not following good housekeeping practices? Well, luckily, this course can help you answer those questions.

By the end of this course, you’ll be able to:

• Define the benefits of good workplace housekeeping
• Identify everyday risks and hazards in the workplace
• Adopt techniques to ensure good housekeeping practices

Why take this course?

Poor housekeeping can lead to potential risks for you, your colleagues, or your customers. To minimize risk, it’s everybody’s job to make sure good housekeeping practices are followed in the workplace. This course will highlight the benefits of good housekeeping, and show you how to spot the everyday hazards wherever you work.

10 mins | SCORM | Infographic

Version Date: 2021/09/02

  • The Importance of Workplace Housekeeping
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